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Waste Tide

My friend Chen Qiufan’s debut novel, Waste Tide, is finally out in English. I did the translation, and Tor Books in the US and Head of Zeus in the UK are the publishers.

Waste Tide Covers

The novel has been getting excellent reviews everywhere. You can see a sample of the reviews and find out more about the book here.

Stan and me in front of MOCA

Stan (that’s his English name) and I attended a book launch for him at the Museum of Chinese in America in NYC on Tuesday, organized by Professor Jing Tsu of Yale. Very grateful to the staff of MOCA, Professor Tsu, Lindsey Hall (Stan’s editor at Tor), Desirae Friesen (Stan’s publicist), Eddie Schneider and Gray Tan (Stan’s agents), Russel Galen (my agent), Neil Clarke, Regina Kanyu Wang, Emily Jin, and others who made the English edition possible and the night so memorable.

Big congrats to Stan! (And buy the book!)

Xia Jia Wins an Honorable Mention in SFF Translation Awards

“A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight,” by my friend Xia Jia, and translated by me, has won an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards!

I loved this story, and it’s great to see Xia Jia getting some recognition. I think she’s one of the best contemporary Chinese speculative fiction writers. I’m proud to have had a chance to work with her.

She’s also a skilled translator on her own, having translated my “The Man Who Ended History” into Chinese. I think her translation is superior to my own original in many ways. She’ll also have a story in Neil Clarke’s upcoming Upgraded cyborg anthology. (The story is amazing, and I cried while translating it.)

I also talked about translating Xia Jia’s story for Clarkesworld: “Gathered in Translation”.


It’s true. I’ll be translating Volume One of Liu Cixin’s grand sci-fi trilogy 《三体》(SANTI — official title TBD) into English. Volume Two and Three will be translated by famed translators Joel Martinsen and Eric Abrahamsen.

Now, the time frame they’ve given me is aggressive, to say the least. I won’t have much bandwidth for anything else for a few months. I’m really excited by the opportunity to introduce one of China’s greatest sci-fi novelists to the West, and hopefully the sacrifices I make now will be worth it.

Taking Care of God

My translation of Li Cixin (刘慈欣)’s “Taking Care of God” (《赡养上帝》) is now out in Pathlight, an English-language publication of People’s Literature Magazine (人民文学). You can download a free electronic copy of the magazine on their web site.

It’s a science fiction story with a lot of heart. I really recommend it.

Some context for readers who don’t know much about China’s literary history: Liu Cixin is among China’s most prominent science fiction authors, and People’s Literature is something like a Chinese version of Ploughshares. It’s very rare for a literary magazine like People’s Literature to go genre — but with Pathlight, edited by a Western staff, the idea is to introduce Chinese authors who’re a bit more outside the well-trodden path to English readers.

I’m really honored to have been given a chance to translate this work. Liu is a literary hero of mine and influenced me more than a little.

Hope you enjoy!

More Covers

More cover art for publications with my stories.

First is the July issue of Nowa Fantastyka, in which appears the Polish translation of “The Algorithms for Love.”

Nowa Fantastyka

Next is the cover for the upcoming novella-only anthology, Panverse Three, from Panverse Publishing. The anthology is due to come out in September. My novella, “The Man Who Ended History,” is in it, and it is by far the work I’m most proud of.

Panverse Three

You can read an excerpt of the novella here, and preorder it from the same page.