Anthology: Broken Stars

The reception to Invisible Planets was so positive that I decided to edit and translate a second anthology of contemporary short-form Chinese SF. Broken Stars is the result. (Release date: February 19, 2019)

Besides Hugo-winners like Liu Cixin (The Three-Body Problem) and Hao Jingfang (“Folding Beijing”), the anthology also includes contributions from Chen Qiufan (Waste Tide), Baoshu (The Redemption of Time), Ma Boyong, Anna Wu, Regina Kanyu Wang, and many others. Once again, I include some essays at the end to give readers a sense of Chinese SF fandom and provide some critical perspectives. I translated most of the stories on my own, but for two of them, by Zhang Ran and Anna Wu, I worked with the wonderful Carmen Yiling Yan (an author in her own right) as my co-translator.

As was the case with Invisible Planets, I make no attempt to be “representative” or to select for “the best”–editorial approaches that simply don’t speak to me. I got into translation primarily to share with fellow anglophone readers stories I find memorable and compelling in some way, and that was how I put together this anthology as well. For more on the curation process, see this blog post I wrote for You can also read the introduction to the book.

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Broken Stars was a Locus Award finalist in 2020 in the Best Anthology category. Thank you to all the readers who nominated, and congrats to the authors!

Invisible Planets cover

Liu continues to anthologize the best of the Chinese sf scene (after Invisible Planets, 2016), showcasing a diverse array of styles… Rounded out by essays on topics related to Chinese sf, this anthology is a must-read for any genre fan. — Alan Keep

— Alan Keep for Booklist (a starred review)

“Western readers … will be very excited by these outstanding works.”

Publishers Weekly (a starred review)

“[T]he result is a very stimulating selection that isn’t quite like any other SF anthology, and that, in the best ways, isn’t quite not, either.”

— Gary K. Wolfe for Locus

Full Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Xia Jia, “Goodnight, Melancholy”
  • Liu Cixin, “Moonlight” (previously unpublished)
  • Tang Fei, “Broken Stars”
  • Han Song, “Submarines” (previously unpublished) and “Salinger and the Koreans”
  • Cheng Jingbo, “Under a Dangling Sky” (previously unpublished)
  • Baoshu, “What Has Passed Shall in Kinder Light Appear”
  • Hao Jingfang, “The New Year Train” (previously unpublished)
  • Fei Dao, “The Robot Who Liked to Tell Tall Tales”
  • Zhang Ran, “The Snow of Jinyang”
  • Anna Wu, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: Laba Porridge”
  • Ma Boyong, “The First Emperor’s Games” (previously unpublished)
  • Gu Shi, “Reflection” (previously unpublished)
  • Regina Kanyu Wang, “The Brain Box” (previously unpublished)
  • Chen Qiufan, “Coming of the Light” and “A History of Future Illnesses”
  • Essays
    • Regina Kanyu Wang, “A Brief Introduction to Chinese Science Fiction and Fandom”
    • Mingwei Song, “A New Continent for China Scholars: Chinese Science Fiction Studies”
    • Fei Dao, “Science Fiction: Embarrassing No More”