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Book Readings

Vendela Vida has a new novel out, The Lovers. I can’t wait to read it.

The Lovers

It is the third in a trilogy of novels “on the subject of violence and rage.” The other two are And Now You Can Go and Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name.

I’m a big fan of Vida, and my case probably illustrates why it’s a good idea for authors to do book readings. I might never have found out about her or read her books but for the fact that way back in 2003, I attended a book reading she did (along with Julie Orringer, who I also admire) in Harvard Square. I had no idea who she was and knew nothing about her novel. She read a section from And Now You Can Go (beautiful book), told a funny story about her book’s Japanese translation, and I was hooked.

(I had her sign my copy and asked her an idiotic question about how long it took her to write it — hangs head in shame. She was very nice about it, and remarked that it seemed a “very writerly question.”)

So authors, book readings do work. Don’t give up, you really can get lifelong fans out of these things.