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Fields of Gold

“Fields of Gold”, by Rachel Swirsky, is nominated for a Nebula this year. This story gets at the heart of fantasy: nostalgia for the losses and misses of a life. Lyrical, funny, beautiful. The ending does what Swirksky does best: just when you think it’s winding down, it lifts you up and takes you somewhere wondrous.

… and Other Stories From 2011

In case you’re catching up on your 2011 short fiction reading, here’s a list of stories I thought were noteworthy.

In it, I also talk about Nebula nominees: “Movement,” by Nancy Fulda, “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees”, by E. Lily Yu, “Her Husband’s Hands,” by Adam-Troy Castro, and “Ray of Light”, by Brad Torgersen.

Nebula Nominees

SFWA has announced the Nebula finalists. Congrats to all the nominees! I know many of them and the nominated works, and they’re all deserving. I’d be happy to see any one of them win.

I’m honored to see that “The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary” and “The Paper Menagerie” are on the list.

I’m grateful to many people, especially all the reviewers who said kind things about my works and publicized them. But for now, I want to single out Erica Naone, who encouraged me to finish my novella (I was ready to give up on it until she came along), and Dario Ciriello and Gordon Van Gelder, my publishers, who believed in my stories.

And as always, I thank my wife Lisa, who is not afraid to tell me when she thinks something I write isn’t any good.