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Modeling the Mind

Adam Gopnik, “The Information,” New Yorker, Feb 14 & 21, 2011:

…at any given moment, our most complicated machine will be taken as a model of human intelligence … When there were automatic looms, the mind was like an automatic loom … When there were telephone exchanges, the mind was like a telephone exchange … When mainframe computers arrived … the mind was like a mainframe… Some machine is always showing us Mind…

“Algorithms for Love”:

People have always associated the mind with the technological fad of the moment. When they believed in witches and spirits, they thought there was a little man in the brain. When they had mechanical looms and player pianos, they thought the brain was an engine. When they had telegraphs and telephones, they thought the brain was a wire network. Now you think the brain is just a computer.

I guess I’m an Ever-Waser.