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The New Kindle

I don’t have much to say about the Amazon announcements today. I think Amazon has done an amazing job and offered a compelling device with a good media-delivery infrastructure. But other people have made that observation much more eloquently.

I just want to remind myself that when I was a kid, if I had been shown something like the Kindle or the iPad, I would have thought it something from fifty to a hundred years in the future, not just thirty.

We live in wondrous times. Let’s try not to forget how lucky we are.

Kindle 3 and Chinese

The Kindle 3 provides some support for display of non-Latin scripts. But the support is not perfect. For example, if you convert Chinese books in UTF-8 via calibre into mobi books for the Kindle, the default configuration will result in many characters showing up as little squares.

A solution is provided by user “hyraxer” at Kindle Boards:

click the home button
click the enter button
just input
;debugOn (click enter button)
~changeLocale zh-CN (click enter button)
;debugOff (click enter button)

and then restart your kindle, everything will be OK.

I’ve tried it and it seems to work.

Kindles on the Subway

I’ve been seeing a lot more Kindles in use on my commute, as well as other ebook readers. Last night, for example, I counted three ebook readers near me.

I’m sure more than a few people are reading on their phones too — it’s how I do the bulk of my reading these days.

When things change, there’s never a big neon sign flashing “THE FUTURE IS HERE.” It just happens from day to day. I remember writing letters in college as a freshman every week. And then, by the time I graduated, I realized that I hadn’t written a letter in a long time. I can’t tell you the day the shift happened.

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