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Seeing Writing Where There’s No Writing

There must be a neurological condition where the sufferer thinks that he sees writing even in meaningless patterns, kind of an opposite to alexia.

I sat on the high-speed train from Hefei to Shanghai and stared at the fabric pattern on the back of the seat before me for several minutes, convinced that the grid was filled with Chinese characters that I was on the verge of recognizing.

Not Writing

Lisa’s New Show

My wife Lisa’s new solo exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography’s Aberjona River Gallery starts next Thursday (September 9th).

September 9 – November 7, 20109
Opening October 5, 2010 6 – 7:30

She’ll give a talk on the show at the Griffin’s Senior Sunday on October 17th at 3 PM. Free and open to the public.

COWBOYS features some of my favorite works by her. As you can see, they are not like what you think of as “photographs” exactly.

Female Paniolo

100% Real Lobster

Saw a commercial advertising “100% real lobster” in a sandwich last night.

First thought: is “fake lobster” a real problem?

Second thought: “100% real lobster” is actually a meaningless assertion. The sandwich consists of bread and condiments, which are obviously not lobster. So “100% real lobster” must be understood to mean: “to the extent there is any lobster here, it’s 100% real lobster.” But suppose we mix in some fake lobster (say, crab meat), the assertion remains true, as long as it’s taken to cover only such portion of the sandwich filling which consists of real lobster meat. Indeed, the assertion is even true in the case of a BLT since, to the extent there is any lobster, it would be 100% real lobster (it just happens that there isn’t any lobster in a BLT).

Maybe I’m overthinking this.