Cover, TOC, and Release Date for My Collection

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories, my first collection (in English, that is, I’ve had foreign language collections) is coming out from Saga Press on November 3, 2015.

Quite a cover, right? I think it looks beautiful. I’m really grateful to Joe Monti at Saga Press for making this happen.

The full table of contents:

  • Preface
  • The Bookmaking Habits of Select SpeciesNebula nomineeSturgeon Award finalist
  • State Change
  • The Perfect Match
  • Good HuntingWSFA Small Press Award Winner
  • The Literomancer
  • Simulacrum
  • The RegularNebula nominee
  • The Paper MenagerieHugo winnerNebula winnerWorld Fantasy Award WinnerSturgeon Award finalistLocus Award finalist
  • An Advanced Readers Picture Book of Comparative Cognition (unpublished)
  • The WavesNebula nominee
  • Mono no awareHugo winnerSturgeon Award finalistLocus Award finalist
  • All the FlavorsNebula nominee
  • A Brief History of the Trans-Pacific TunnelSidewise Award FinalistLocus Award finalist
  • The Litigation Master and the Monkey KingNebula nominee
  • The Man Who Ended History: A DocumentaryHugo nomineeNebula nomineeSturgeon Award finalist

And though it’s early, you can already pre-order the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other fine bookstores.

Finally, you can read about the thinking behind this collection on The Barnes and Noble Science Fiction and Fantasy blog.