I’ll be at Boskone (February 14) at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. My panels are listed below. If you’re going, I hope to see you there!

Translation in SF and Fantasy

Saturday 10:00 – 10:50, Marina 4 (Westin)

Translated books can expand our imaginations with ideas from different perspectives and cultures. We’ll discuss why it’s important to share books via translation as well as the challenges specific to translating science fiction, fantasy, and some of our other favorite genres. Panelists also share some of their favorite “must read” translations.

Neil Clarke (M), John Chu, Fred Lerner, Ken Liu

Non-Western Folklore and Fairytales

Saturday 14:00 – 14:50, Harbor III (Westin)

Folklore and fairytales offer powerful short stories beloved by young and old. The mainstream princess movies tend to focus on Western stories, but what about the rest of the world? Let’s discuss the globe’s lesser-known folklore and fairytales and what they tell us about their cultures, plus their similarities and differences.

Carrie Cuinn (M), Ken Liu, Jarvis Sheffield, Max Gladstone

Constructive Criticism for Revising Novel-Length Work

Saturday 15:00 – 15:50, Burroughs (Westin)

Both getting and giving constructive criticism can be a challenge when going through the revision process, particularly for longer works. As a writer: how do you know what to ask of a potential critic, and how do you provide feedback on the success of the critique? As a critic: how do you identify and communicate issues or problems to the author? How do you keep track of plot threads, identify themes, and figure out what questions need to be asked? Also, how should writer and critic approach a series?

Kenneth Schneyer (M), Gregory Feeley, Ken Liu, John P. Murphy, Margaret Ronald

Multi-Author Book Party

Saturday 6:30-7:50 pm (Galleria)

I’ll be raffling off copies of my novel!

Participating authors:

  • Ken Altabef — Alaana’s Way: The Calling
  • E.C. Ambrose (Elaine Isaak) — Elisha Barber: Book One of the Dark Apostle
  • Elizabeth Bear — Karen Memory
  • M L Brennan — Tainted Blood
  • LJ Cohen — Time and Tithe
  • Valerie Estelle Frankel — Joss Whedon’s Names
  • Betsy Grant — Adventures of Point-Man Palmer in Vietnam
  • Walter H. Hunt — Elements of Mind
  • Toni L.P. Kelner (Leigh Perry) — Dead But Not Forgotten: Stories from the World of Sookie Stackhouse (editors, Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner); and The Skeleton Takes a Bow
  • Ken Liu — The Grace of Kings
  • Marshall Ryan Maresca — The Thorn of
  • Henry V. O’Neil — Glory Main and Orphan Brigade: Books One and Two of the Sim War
  • Ammi-Joan Paquette — Princess Juniper of the Hourglass
  • Roberta Rogow — Mayhem in Manatas
  • Lauren M. Roy — Grave Matters
  • Darrell Schweitzer — The Emperor of the Ancient World
  • D. Lynn Smith — Gates of Midnight, Issue #2 Chosen
  • Erin Underwood — Geek Theater
  • Jo Walton — The Just City