I’ll be at Readercon on the 14th and the 15th. Here are my panel assignments:

  • July 14, Saturday, 2:00 PM, RI The Future of Copyright. Ken Liu, B. Diane Martin, Eugene Mirabelli, Kenneth Schneyer (leader), Jacob Weisman. SFF authors have two reasons to care about the future of copyright: both as a novum for fiction, as in Spider Robinson’s Melancholy Elephants, Charles Sheffield’s “Out of Copyright,” and Randy Henderson’s “Surviving the eBookalypse,” and as a basis for long-term career strategy (see the blogs of Cory Doctorow and Kristine Kathryn Rusch). All we know for sure about copyright is that it’s going to change, but how? Will it become ever more stringent and draconian, with publishers charging separately each time a reader opens a book? Will it vanish altogether in favor of a fee-for-service or “revenue rights” model? Will authors have to start beating the bushes for rich patrons? Join in the wild speculations and crackpot theories.

  • July 15, Sunday, 2:00 PM, RI Xena at Tau Ceti: An Overview. Athena Andreadis (leader), Ken Liu, Vandana Singh, Joan Slonczewski. Xena at Tau Ceti will be an anthology of evolved space opera (with optional mythic over/undertones) with female protagonists that moves past the traditional conflicts, attentive to the complexities and nuances of both the science and fiction component, directed at adult readers. Participants in this anthology who are attending Readercon will discuss the foundation concept and the works intended for the collection, and read brief excerpts.

If you’re going, please come by and say hi!