Writing With a Toddler

Now that Esther is running around, babbling up a storm, and refusing to sleep until midnight — she takes after me and my mother, both night owls — writing time is very difficult to find. (She is really a great deal of fun, if also a great deal of work.) Add to that the fact that I just started a very demanding new job, I haven’t really written anything in a long while.

You can’t call yourself a writer unless you write, you know?

So what should I do? The general advice I’m getting is to get up early and get some writing done before the day job starts. Easier said than done. Remember that part about me being a night owl? Well, that means I have a really hard time getting up early.

But something has to be done. I’m really struggling with this.

(Sorry, this isn’t a post with any “wisdom” or solutions, just me trying to work the problem out — thinking by writing.)