Three Body

The Three-Body Problem (《三体》), by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣), translated by Ken Liu

Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel, the first translated novel in history to receive that honor.

Nominee/finalist for the Nebula, Prometheus, Locus, and John W. Campbell Awards.

The Three-Body Problem

    “Wildly imaginative, really interesting.”

    Barack Obama, President of the United States

    “It is wonderful to read this state-of-the-art example of Chinese science fiction, which sweeps with an immense narrative energy from the historical trauma of the Cultural Revolution to the cosmic trauma of alien contact. Ken Liu’s excellent translation combines fluid clarity with a continuous view into Chinese worldviews, adding to the fun and making this the best kind of science fiction, familiar but strange all at the same time. I hope we’ll get to read more by Liu Cixin, and for now applaud this great entry.”

    – Kim Stanley Robinson

    “Vivid, imaginative and rooted in cutting edge science, THE THREE BODY PROBLEM ponders several Big Questions of our time. Liu Cixin stands at the top tier of speculative fiction authors in any language. Ken Liu’s smooth translation makes this a must-read for any who truly wish to explore bold, new perspectives.”

    – David Brin

    “A tour-de-force walk through Chinese and world history. The Three Body Problem merges virtual realities, alien invasions and exciting science, and manages to make them all fresh.”

    – Aliette de Bodard

    “Liu Cixin brings to the reader a deep and insightful vision of China past and future. First-rate work by a powerful new voice.”

    – Ben Bova

The first volume of the most popular hard scifi series in China is a first-contact story of grand imagination and fresh ideas.

Released on November 11, 2014, by Tor Books, you can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores.

The Dark Forest (《三体•II•黑暗森林》, by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣), translated by Joel Martinsen

The Dark Forest

My colleague, Joel Martinsen, translated the second volume in the Three Body series. This book of strategy and counter-strategy in the war of humans against Trisolarans was released by Tor Books on August 11, 2015.

You can get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores.

Death’s End (《三体•III•死神永生》), by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣), translated by Ken Liu

Death's End

The concluding volume in the Three Body series. By turns somber, despairing, lyrical, and hopeful, this novel is breathtaking in scope and, in my opinion, the best one in the series. Released by Tor Books on September 20, 2016, it made it onto the New York Times Bestsellers list in its debut week (not something you’d expect a hard SF novel, much less one that’s translated, to do). You can order it from your favorite retailer.

    “[T]he author offers dilemmas moral, philosophical, and political; perspectives—a spectacular glimpse of three dimensions seen from a four-dimensional viewpoint; a dying universe shattered by billions of years of warfare; and persuasive ideas whose dismal repercussions extend beyond hope and despair into, inescapably, real-world significance.”

    Kirkus Reviews