The Redemption of Time (Three-Body X)

Dear Reader,

If you’re a fan of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem and its two sequels, then you’re in for a treat.

There’s a unique pleasure that comes from seeing one author’s beloved fictional universe refracted through another mind, different from yet sympathetic to, the mind of the original creator.

Written by Baoshu, one of China’s most popular SF writers as well as Liu Cixin’s friend, The Redemption of Time is a paraquel of the “Three Body” saga. It takes place within the same eternity-spanning time frame and features some of the same characters, but features a distinct blend of Liu Cixin’s grand vision with Baoshu’s unique voice and philosophical concerns with the nature of time. (For those concerned with notions of “canon,” The Redemption of Time has the status of fanfic. It should be taken as one writer’s extension of the imaginary universe in celebration with “Three Body” fandom, but by no means an authoritative one.)

From this book, you’ll discover shocking yet plausible answers to questions left open at the end of Death’s End: What do Trisolarans really look like? What happened to Yun Tianming after he left the Trisolaran fleet? Did Cheng Xin succeed in her final mission? What else do we know about Singer’s civilization? What was life in the four-dimensional universe like before it collapsed? …

By turns serious and irreverent, sentimental and philosophical, The Redemption of Time is an exciting, mind-bending adventure that is simultaneously true to the trilogy it honors and also completely different.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

English edition from Tor Books in the US and Head of Zeus in the UK published on July 16, 2019.

Redemption of Time cover

Praise for The Redemption of Time

    “The universe-engulfing struggle recalls John C. Wright’s astonishing multibook Eschaton saga. And the whole has a transcendental quality that might earn a nod from William Blake. Baoshu writes powerfully about difficult concepts (one such is the self-explanatory “ideabstraction” in Liu’s felicitous translation), and his central thesis, involving dimensional collapse as the key to explaining the evolution of the universe, is an absolute stunner. None of this will mean anything, though, unless you’re very well-acquainted with the original trilogy.”


    “Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan is something startlingly new in science fiction: a cyberpunk novel that showcases the ugly side of our technology fetishism, an action-packed story that’s full of moral complexity, and a wild ride that never runs out of surprises. This is the futuristic vision that everybody needs right now.”

    — Charlie Jane Anders, author of All the Birds in the Sky

Publisher’s Description:

    Set in the universe of the New York Times bestselling Three-Body Problem trilogy, The Redemption of Time continues Cixin Liu’s multi-award-winning science fiction saga. This original story by Baoshu―published with Liu’s support―envisions the aftermath of the conflict between humanity and the extraterrestrial Trisolarans.

    In the midst of an interstellar war, Yun Tianming found himself on the front lines. Riddled with cancer, he chose to end his life, only to find himself flash frozen and launched into space where the Trisolaran First Fleet awaited. Captured and tortured beyond endurance for decades, Yun eventually succumbed to helping the aliens subjugate humanity in order to save Earth from complete destruction.

    Granted a healthy clone body by the Trisolarans, Yun has spent his very long life in exile as a traitor to the human race. Nearing the end of his existence at last, he suddenly receives another reprieve―and another regeneration. A consciousness calling itself The Spirit has recruited him to wage battle against an entity that threatens the existence of the entire universe. But Yun refuses to be a pawn again and makes his own plans to save humanity’s future…