List of Major Characters in The Wall of Storms

The Chrysanthemum and the Dandelion
Kuni Garu:

Emperor Ragin of Dara.

Mata Zyndu:

Hegemon of Dara (deceased).
The Dandelion Court
Jia Matiza:

Empress of Jia; a skilled herbalist.

Consort Risana:

an illusionist and accomplished musician.

Cogo Yelu:

Prime Minister of Dara.

Gin Mazoti:

Marshal of Dara; Queen of Géjira; the greatest battlefield tactician of her age. Aya Mazoti is her daughter.

Rin Coda:

Imperial Farsight Secretary; childhood friend of Kuni.

Mün Çakri:

First General of the Infantry.

Than Carucono:

First General of the Cavalry and First Admiral of the Navy.

Puma Yemu:

Marquess of Porin; practitioner of raiding tactics.

Théca Kimo:

Duke of Arulugi.

Dafiro Miro:

Captain of the Palace Guards.

Otho Krin:

Chatelain to Emperor Ragin.

Soto Zyndu:

Jia’s confidante and adviser.
Kuni’s Children
Prince Timu (nursing name: Toto-tika):

Kuni’s firstborn; son of Empress Jia.

Princess Théra (nursing name: Rata-tika):

daughter of Empress Jia.

Prince Phyro (nursing name: Hudo-tika):

son of Consort Risana.

Princess Fara (nursing name: Ada-tika):

daughter of Consort Fina, who died in childbirth.
The Scholars
Luan Zya:

Kuni’s chief strategist during his rise who refused all titles; Gin Mazoti’s lover.

Zato Ruthi:

Imperial Tutor; leading Moralist of the age.

Zomi Kidosu:

prized student of a mysterious teacher; daughter of a farming-fishing family in Dasu (Oga and Aki Kidosu).

Kon Fiji:

ancient Ano philosopher; founder of the Moralist school.

Ra Oji:

ancient Ano epigrammatist; founder of the Fluxist school.

Na Moji:

ancient Xana engineer who studied the flights of birds; founder of the Patternist school.

Gi Anji:

modern philosopher of the Tiro states era; founder of the Incentivist school.
The Lyucu
Pékyu Tenryo Roatan:

leader of the Lyucu.

Princess Vadyu Roatan (nicknamed “Tanvanaki”):

the best garinafin pilot; daughter of Tenryo.

Prince Cudyu Roatan:

son of Tenryo.
The Gods of Dara

patron of Xana; Lord of the Air; god of wind, flight, and birds; his pawi is the Mingén falcon; favors a white traveling cloak.


patron of Amu; youngest of the gods; goddess of agriculture, beauty, and fresh water; her pawi is the golden carp.

Kana and Rapa:

twin patrons of Cocru; Kana is the goddess of fire, ash, cremation, and death; Rapa is the goddess of ice, snow, glaciers, and sleep; their pawi are twin ravens: one black, one white.


patron of Faça; Divine Healer; his pawi is the dove.


patron of Gan; unpredictable, chaotic, delighting in chance; god of sea currents, tsunamis, and sunken treasures; his pawi is the shark.


patron of Haan; god of fisherman, divination, mathematics, and knowledge; his pawi is the sea turtle.


patron of Rima; god of war, the hunt, and the forge; his pawi is the wolf.