The Wall of Storms

Book II of the Dandelion Dynasty series. The book is a Locus Award Finalist in the Fantasy Novel category. (Release date: October 4, 2016)

You can now order my novel, The Wall of Storms, Book II of The Dandelion Dynasty, from your favorite book vendor.

There’s also the audio version, narrated by Michael Kramer. Listen to an excerpt here.

You can also read a write-up about the cover by Andrew Liptak as well as an excerpt from the book at io9.

If you’re interested in excerpts, reviews, essays, and interviews about the book, you can check out this round up on the blog.

Praise for The Wall of Storms

    This tale of divided loyalties, deadly ambition, and “silkpunk” technology delivers enough excitement and sense of wonder to enchant any fan of epic fantasy.

    Publishers Weekly starred review

    …one of the greatest novels I’ve read.

    – Peter Tieryas writing for Entropy

    This absorbing fantasy, influenced by Chinese history yet utterly fresh, gets better as it marches along. Despite its length, fans of epic fantasy will devour this story and be clamoring for the next entry.

    – Megan M. McArdle writing for Library Journal starred review

    It surpasses The Grace of Kings in every way, by every conceivable metric, and is — astonishingly — perfectly readable as a standalone. I loved it so much that I’d go so far as to say if you were intimidated by the size and scope of The Grace of Kings, you needn’t wait on reading it to dive into this one.

    – Amal El-Mohtar writing for NPR

Publisher’s Description:

    The much anticipated sequel to The Grace of Kings which NPR called “A magnificent fantasy epic.” returns with Kuni Garu, now known as Emperor Ragin, running the archipelago kingdoms of Dara and struggling to maintain progress while serving the demands of the people.

    But when an unexpected invasion force from the far distant east known as the Lyucu Empire comes to shores of Dara, chaos erupts from fear.Emperor Ragin cannot go and lead Dara against the threat himself as he has a recently healed empire fraying at its weakest seams, as conflict within rival faction, even with the Emperor’s own family threaten the raw peace that he has established.

    Amidst traitorous rebellion and false accusations the emperor’s grown children rise to face the invaders, some with armies, and one with the guile and savvy intuition to empower the unlikely genius that surrounds her, his eldest daughter Théra.

    The Wall of Storms is a breathtaking sequel that builds with a towering diversity of action and tragedy that embodies the best of epic fantasy.


    The Wall of Storms was intended to be read with a pair of maps by your side. The maps are not merely “extras” to the book, but integral to it. I made my own maps for the book before even writing it, and based on those, Saga generously commissioned professional maps from Robert Lazzaretti. Depending on your ebook reader, you may find the maps that came with your purchase hard to read. Thus, I’ve made all the maps available here so that you can enjoy the book as it was meant to be experienced.

    My Maps
    (north = top)
    Maps by Robert Lazzaretti for Saga
    (north = right)

List of Major Characters

For audiobook listeners, it may be helpful to have the list of major characters around as reference. I’ve reproduced the one from the print version below.

The Chrysanthemum and the Dandelion
Kuni Garu:

Emperor Ragin of Dara.

Mata Zyndu:

Hegemon of Dara (deceased).
The Dandelion Court
Jia Matiza:

Empress of Jia; a skilled herbalist.

Consort Risana:

an illusionist and accomplished musician.

Cogo Yelu:

Prime Minister of Dara.

Gin Mazoti:

Marshal of Dara; Queen of Géjira; the greatest battlefield tactician of her age. Aya Mazoti is her daughter.

Rin Coda:

Imperial Farsight Secretary; childhood friend of Kuni.

Mün Çakri:

First General of the Infantry.

Than Carucono:

First General of the Cavalry and First Admiral of the Navy.

Puma Yemu:

Marquess of Porin; practitioner of raiding tactics.

Théca Kimo:

Duke of Arulugi.

Dafiro Miro:

Captain of the Palace Guards.

Otho Krin:

Chatelain to Emperor Ragin.

Soto Zyndu:

Jia’s confidante and adviser.
Kuni’s Children
Prince Timu (nursing name: Toto-tika):

Kuni’s firstborn; son of Empress Jia.

Princess Théra (nursing name: Rata-tika):

daughter of Empress Jia.

Prince Phyro (nursing name: Hudo-tika):

son of Consort Risana.

Princess Fara (nursing name: Ada-tika):

daughter of Consort Fina, who died in childbirth.
The Scholars
Luan Zya:

Kuni’s chief strategist during his rise who refused all titles; Gin Mazoti’s lover.

Zato Ruthi:

Imperial Tutor; leading Moralist of the age.

Zomi Kidosu:

prized student of a mysterious teacher; daughter of a farming-fishing family in Dasu (Oga and Aki Kidosu).

Kon Fiji:

ancient Ano philosopher; founder of the Moralist school.

Ra Oji:

ancient Ano epigrammatist; founder of the Fluxist school.

Na Moji:

ancient Xana engineer who studied the flights of birds; founder of the Patternist school.

Gi Anji:

modern philosopher of the Tiro states era; founder of the Incentivist school.
The Lyucu
Pékyu Tenryo Roatan:

leader of the Lyucu.

Princess Vadyu Roatan (nicknamed “Tanvanaki”):

the best garinafin pilot; daughter of Tenryo.

Prince Cudyu Roatan:

son of Tenryo.
The Gods of Dara

patron of Xana; Lord of the Air; god of wind, flight, and birds; his pawi is the Mingén falcon; favors a white traveling cloak.


patron of Amu; youngest of the gods; goddess of agriculture, beauty, and fresh water; her pawi is the golden carp.

Kana and Rapa:

twin patrons of Cocru; Kana is the goddess of fire, ash, cremation, and death; Rapa is the goddess of ice, snow, glaciers, and sleep; their pawi are twin ravens: one black, one white.


patron of Faça; Divine Healer; his pawi is the dove.


patron of Gan; unpredictable, chaotic, delighting in chance; god of sea currents, tsunamis, and sunken treasures; his pawi is the shark.


patron of Haan; god of fisherman, divination, mathematics, and knowledge; his pawi is the sea turtle.


patron of Rima; god of war, the hunt, and the forge; his pawi is the wolf.

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