List of Major Characters in The Grace of Kings

The Chrysanthemum and the Dandelion
Kuni Garu:

a boy who prefers play to study; the leader of a street gang; and much more.

Mata Zyndu:

a boy noble in stature and spirit; last son of the Zyndu Clan.
Kuni’s Retinue
Jia Matiza:

the daughter of a rancher; a skilled herbalist; Kuni’s wife.

Cogo Yelu:

a clerk in Zudi’s city government; Kuni’s friend in “high places.”

Luan Zya:

scion of a noble family in Haan; adventurer among the people of Tan Adü.

Gin Mazoti:

an orphan on the streets of Dimushi; seeker of fortune during the rebellion.

Rin Coda:

childhood friend of Kuni.

Mün Çakri:

a butcher; one of Kuni’s fiercest warriors.

Than Carucono:

an old stable master in Zudi.

Lady Risana:

an illusionist and accomplished musician.

Dafiro Miro:

“Daf”; one of the first rebels under Huno Krima; brother of Ratho Miro.


Jia’s housekeeper.
Mata’s Retinue
Phin Zyndu:

Mata’s uncle; his tutor and surrogate parent.

Torulu Pering:

an old scholar; Mata’s adviser.

Théca Kimo:

a rebel also from Tunoa.

Lady Mira:

an embroiderer and songstress from Tunoa; the only woman who understands Mata.

Ratho Miro:

“Rat”; one of the first rebels under Huno Krima; brother of Dafiro Miro.
The Xana Empire

First Emperor of the Seven Islands of Dara; named Réon when he was King of Xana.


Second Emperor of the Seven Islands of Dara.

Goran Pira:

Chatelain of Xana; childhood friend of King Réon.

Lügo Crupo:

Regent of Xana; a great scholar and calligrapher.

Tanno Namen:

revered General of Xana.

Kindo Marana:

the empire’s chief tax collector.
The Tiro Kings of the Six States
Princess Kikomi and King Ponadomu of Amu:

the jewel of Arulugi and her granduncle.

King Thufi of Cocru:

once a shepherd; urges the Tiro kings to unite.

King Shilué of Faça:

ambitious but careful of self-preservation; interferes with Rima.

King Dalo of Gan:

oversees the wealthiest realm of the Six States.

King Cosugi of Haan:

an old king who may have lost his appetite for risk.

King Jizu of Rima:

a young prince who grew up as a fisherman.
The Rebellion
Huno Krima:

leader of the first rebels against Xana.

Zopa Shigin:

companion of Huno; leader of the first rebels against Xana.
The Gods of Dara

patron of Xana; Lord of the Air; god of wind, flight, and birds; his pawi is the Mingén falcon; favors a white traveling cloak.


patron of Amu; youngest of the gods; goddess of agriculture, beauty, and fresh water; her pawi is the golden carp.

Kana and Rapa:

twin patrons of Cocru; Kana is the goddess of fire, ash, cremation, and death; Rapa is the goddess of ice, snow, glaciers, and sleep; their pawi are twin ravens: one black, one white.


patron of Faça; Divine Healer; his pawi is the dove.


patron of Gan; unpredictable, chaotic, delighting in chance; god of sea currents, tsunamis, and sunken treasures; his pawi is the shark.


patron of Haan; god of fisherman, divination, mathematics, and knowledge; his pawi is the sea turtle.


patron of Rima; god of war, the hunt, and the forge; his pawi is the wolf.