PickPix Chinese Overview

Dear Parents,

Like you, we want our daughter to learn another language at a young age. We know that children can pick up languages much more easily than adults. So we wrote this app for our daughter Esther (that's her in the icon).

Compared to other apps that focus on teaching little ones Chinese, we think the following features distinguish
PickPix Chinese:

  • We have a picture card mode where the child can look at cards and listen to new words, as well as a fun game mode where the child can apply her new vocabulary.
  • We don't use pinyin. To use pinyin effectively, the child must learn a whole new way of reading and fight against the tendency to apply English phonetics to the letters. This can get in the way of acquiring proper pronunciation. We learn languages best through the ear, not the eye.
  • We cover Mandarin and Cantonese with pronunciation by native speakers. These are likely the most popular and useful dialects.
  • We emphasize everyday words as well as words specific to Chinese culture, and where possible, we try to use colloquial (rather than literary) terms.
  • We use beautiful, professional pictures (not stock) to engage the child's interest.
  • We plan to update the app constantly as our daughter learns more words. The app will grow as she grows.
  • To accommodate children of different skill levels, you can change the settings to alter whether English explanations are given.
  • For older children interested in the beauty of the written Chinese language, we provide both traditional and simplified characters.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our app, please email us at ken[at]crimsonhammer.com.

Thank you for your interest in our app! And please check out our other apps for young children, including
PickPix Tot and PickPix ABC, designed to teach everyday English words to toddlers.

Ken and Lisa
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NOOK App : PickPix Tot
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PickPix Chinese

A beautiful picture card game designed to teach some basic Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) vocabulary to children aged 18 months and above.

See Cards and Play Game

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The PickPix Chinese Cards feature a slideshow of vivid images, each accompanied by the printed name of an object, which can be displayed in both English and Chinese, or in Chinese only (see settings below).
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The PickPix Chinese Game features a series of narrated screens asking the child player to find the appropriate picture. At the top of each screen is a progress bar showing the number of questions answered in the five-question series.

User Interface: Designed for Little Ones and Parents

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Little ones love to bang on the screen of the iPhone/iPad. Traditional user interface designs using a “Done” or “Back” button often get triggered accidentally.

To prevent this, we created a
special gestures area at the bottom of the card:
  • Triple-tap in this area to go back to the start screen
  • Double-tap with two fingers to start and stop a slideshow.

Swipe left or swipe right on the picture to browse through the cards.

Tap on the card name to hear the name and description again.
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The slide show icon shows up when you have successfully activated the slide show feature by double-tapping with two fingers.
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You can turn the voice feature on or off.

You can turn on the "Chinese only" feature to make the cards more challenging.

You can set the number of cards in a game (see below).

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To account for your child's individual attention span, we designed the game so that you can alter the number of card sets shown per game.
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You can set the dialect of Chinese to Mandarin or Cantonese.
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You can set the character form to Traditional or Simplified.
Now available
for iOS, Nook, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire.
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