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A Mom-And-Pop Shop

Because many commercially available flash cards emphasize only the alphabet, they do not engage young toddlers. Disappointed, we (Ken and Lisa) decided to make PickPix Tot, a picture card game that our daughter Esther would enjoy. We started with objects that Esther saw every day, with the goal of communicating better with her. And we eventually expanded the set to include words such as animals in a zoo or modes of transportation.

As Esther grew, we decided to introduce her to the alphabet and created
PickPix ABC to help her associate letters with names of objects and animals.

And because we wanted to teach Esther some Chinese, we created
PickPix Chinese.

Crimson Hammer is a true mom-and-pop shop. Ken programmed the software, while Lisa took the pictures and recorded the narration. Little Esther modeled, and even Apollo the cat contributed a "meow."

We hope other parents and toddlers will like PickPix Tot, PickPix ABC, and PickPix Chinese too.

Ken Liu received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University. He is a programmer, lawyer, and award-winning fiction writer and translator. More about him can be found at

Lisa Tang Liu received her bachelor degree from Wellesley College and studied at the New England School of Photography. She is a photographer and homemaker. More about her can be found at